March 20, 2024

COVERAGE ROUNDUP: Galveston County acquisition in the press

Once operating, the Evelyn project will increase the resilience of the Texas electric grid, helping ensure reliable power supply during disturbances and peak hours through participation in the electricity market managed by ERCOT.

“Battery storage is a scalable and near-term solution to powering historic load growth in Texas,” says Chris Taylor, CEO of GridStor. “Every day, batteries are consistently providing energy to stabilize the power system and meet hours of greatest demand in the state. The rapid deployment of battery energy storage is strengthening the Texas grid to support the growing needs of its residents and businesses today while new power sources and transmission infrastructure are built over the longer term. The quality site selection and early development completed by Balanced Rock Power position this project to contribute substantially to electric reliability in this rapidly growing load area in Texas.”

The Evelyn Battery Energy Storage project, which is slated to begin construction in Summer 2024, has an anticipated on-line date of Spring 2025. The project is scheduled to go online at a critical time for Texas. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) recently forecasted that summer peak power demand in the state will increase by another 5,000 MW by the end of the decade, with the potential for 16,000 MW of new peak demand during winter extreme weather.

Positive trends for power storage generation in the Lone Star State were factors leading Portland, Oregon GridStor to acquire a project in Texas.

The proposed battery energy storage system, called Evelyn, will be installed in Texas’ Galveston County to help meet peak power demand within the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT). It will be located in proximity to an existing substation owned by Texas New Mexico Power and should be grid-connected in the spring of 2025. Its operation is anticipated to boost the resilience of the Texas electric grid and support the reliability of power supply during disturbances and peak hours.

GridStor, a developer of standalone battery energy storage system (BESS) assets, has acquired a 450MW/900MWh project in Texas, US, the company’s first in the booming ERCOT market.