We build and operate large batteries where they are most valuable.

GridStor is a developer and independent power producer that provides power system flexibility with standalone energy storage.

A trusted provider.

Founded in 2022, GridStor has assembled a distinguished team with professional accomplishments in energy storage and clean energy project acquisition, development, and management, as well as critical capabilities supporting those core functions.  

We are one of the best-capitalized energy companies in the storage industry, with investment from a fund managed by Goldman Sachs Asset Management. Our backing provides us the financial security to acquire, build, and operate top-tier projects.

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A diligent partner.

GridStor uses best-in-class project development guidelines to build safe facilities and operate them responsibly. Our projects integrate with existing infrastructure and deploy at the pace needed to rapidly transition from fossil fueled power to wind and solar power. We seek to be a good partner to neighboring communities and to contribute positively to the local environment, economy, and overall quality of life.

Analysis: We identify optimal sites through our detailed understanding of power flows, price dynamics, and future infrastructure and policy developments.

Development: We build relationships and trust through continuous engagement, working to exceed expectations with local communities, suppliers, and customers.

Delivery: We optimize the delivery of the full suite of energy market services to support a stable and clean power grid.

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A climate champion.

We’re committed to building a world with reliable power and without carbon pollution. Because our economy is increasingly dependent upon electricity to power vehicles, commerce, and public services, clean power must be available wherever and whenever it is needed. That’s why batteries are a key solution to decarbonizing our economy. GridStor is a dedicated platform for developing and operating battery energy storage facilities, particularly in densely-populated regions with intensive demand on power infrastructure.

GridStor in the Goldman Sachs 2022 Sustainability Report

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Each member of the GridStor team recognizes that battery storage plays a pivotal role in decarbonizing America’s power grid and anticipates significant expansion in this field. This collective outlook drives us to collaborate, tackle challenges, pioneer innovation, and consistently deliver exceptional projects.

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