December 18, 2023

Battery bubble or boom? It’s complicated

GridStor’s VP of Policy & Strategy, Jason Burwen, joined Episode 70 of the Factor This! podcast to take an intimate look at the two top battery markets in the U.S. — California and Texas — and their diverging trajectories. Listen to the full podcast at

“Are market constraints and consolidation cause for concern of a battery bubble? Not everyone is convinced.”

Jason Burwen, vice president of policy and strategy for the battery storage IPP GridStor, doesn’t believe in the theory that a bubble is forming. But even if one does, and it pops, the industry will continue to grow.

Burwen believes the ‘boom-bust’ dynamic is a hallmark of the Texas market, and isn’t exclusive to storage. That shouldn’t be the reason for developers to stay away, he said. He believes battery storage deployment will dwarf estimates in the coming years.”