Patricia Wortham

VP of Human Resources

Patricia oversees critical elements of the company’s success, such as talent management, retention, succession planning, designing and evaluating career paths, managing all HR functions, and crafting strategies that meet GridStor’s business goals. She is responsible for developing and executing human resource strategy supporting GridStor’s business plan and strategic direction. Patricia provides leadership by articulating human capital needs to the CEO, management team, and stakeholders.

Patricia previously worked in Investment Consulting, where she scaled the organization and helped the firm be recognized as the most diverse investment consulting firm in its industry. Before that, she worked in investment banking, law, reinsurance, and nonprofits and founded her own HR consulting firm. She has a BS in Management from St. John’s University and is currently obtaining a dual Master’s in Legal Studies and Dispute Resolution from Pepperdine University.

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GridStor pursues challenging prospects and delivers projects that perform at the highest standards. That’s due to the determination of our diverse, experienced team and the culture of collaboration that we foster. We aspire to build the most talented team in our industry while remaining humble and treating everyone with respect.

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Each member of the GridStor team recognizes that battery storage plays a pivotal role in decarbonizing America’s power grid and anticipates significant expansion in this field. This collective outlook drives us to collaborate, tackle challenges, pioneer innovation, and consistently deliver exceptional projects.

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